Hi my name is Chad and welcome to my site on solar power and energy. Environmental protection has become so popular in the last few years that we read and hear about it almost every day. The society as a whole has realized the importance of environmental protection and the need to go green. Green and solar energy for homes have as a result gained popularity. People are looking for alternative sources of energy to help reduce the reliance on fossil fuels which poses a huge environmental threat. The world is so dependent on non-renewable sources of energy such as coal and fossil fuels. For instance, in some parts of United States such as Indiana and Ohio generate their electricity from coal. Therefore should coal or the other non renewable sources of energy become scarce or their prices rises then the world would face a huge financial crisis. This has resulted to the creation of clean or renewable energy.


Clean energy is the solution to the current environmental problems facing us today. It include sources such as wind, solar, wave and geothermal. The world at large stands to reap much benefits from these sources of energy for instance, the research, development as well as implementation of these sources of energy is expected to create millions of new jobs. Countries are looking on how they can become self reliant in clean energy. Green energy helps us protect our environment from the non renewable energy sources pollutants.


Solar energy
Solar energy is a type of clean energy that is obtained from the sun by harnessing the sun's heat and light. Special cells referred to as photovoltaic cells harness electrons from the sunlight via absorbing light. The electrons are then used to generate electricity; some of the reasons that make solar energy so popular today is that it is renewable. Home solar panels are more available and becoming affordable as discoveries are made. Solar panels don't produce noise and requires little maintenance and can be implemented in different ways.


Wind Power
This involves harnessing energy from wind power with the help of wind turbines or windmills. In different parts of the world for instance in Europe wind power has been harnessed and added to the national grid. The only disadvantage of this form of energy is that the windmills or turbines are very large and produce a lot of noise and negatively impacts on the wildlife and birds.


Energy is generated from the mechanical energy created by water turbines; this source of energy is fairly expensive. Dams are usually made to create hydropower although waterfalls or rushing streams or rivers can naturally create hydropower. In the sea tides and waves also generate water power which can be harnessed and added to the national grid. In some parts of the globe especially in the United States water power is a significant source of energy with its use expected to increase in the near future.


Hot water, heat and steam under the surface of the earth can be harnessed to produce renewable energy. The hot water, steam or heat is tapped to rotate turbines thus producing electricity. Although, it is not a very popular source of green energy simply because geothermal sources such as geysers aren't universally distributed.